Skin tag removal, Thread veins, “spider” veins, cherry angioma removal – Reading, Swindon

Skin tag removal, Thread veins (“spider” veins), cherry angioma removal

Advanced Electrolysis removes various skin tags, thread veins (or “spider” veins), and cherry angiomas.

Skin tag removal is quick, efficient, with minimal discomfort

Below we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about Skin tag removal and Thread veins removal, but of course you’re welcome to get in touch to book your Free consultation or a Skin Tag removal Appointment straight away

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Lasts:  permanent
Our method: we use our Advanced Electrolysis machine to remove skin tags, thread veins, and cherry angiomas
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For those that want to see the result – here are my eyes, 13 days after Fibroblast, and yes, the original photo was me! Amazing result

Caroline S.

Marina they are amazing no swelling and not sore or hurt at all

Heather H.

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Advanced Electrolysis treatments – Explained!

Does Skin tag removal hurt?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – it may be a bit uncomfortable, however we are VERY quick in removing skin tags, thread veins, and cherry angiomas

Do you treat both ladies and gentlemen?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – yes, although we don’t offer treatments of certain areas for gentlemen

Is it effective?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – 100% effective – please see pictures above

How soon will I see the results?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – immediately

How do I prepare for the treatment?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – it doesn’t require any special preparation as such, but please do not wear makeup if you require a treatment on your face, and do not use deodorant if you require treatment on your under arms

What are the counterindications for Advanced Electrolysis?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – there aren’t any particular ones, however please tell us prior to the treatment if you have any concerns. Also, we can not offer this treatment during pregnancy

How long is the procedure?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – the actual treatment is about 15 minutes or less, and the whole appointment is normally about 30 minutesas there’s certain paperwork to fill in

What do I need to do after the skin tag removal procedure?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – the treated area will have some healing to do, so it will have some very tender skin which may require special care for a few days. Please do not use deodorant if your under arms are being treated for a few days as well

How many areas can you do in one session?

Symphony Beauty Clinic – we can treat as many areas as will fit into one 15 minute session for body and neck. Face and eyes areas are much more delicate and require more time, so we may need to ask to come for a second session. The examples above (in pictures) were done in one session each