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While human ageing is a completely natural process, with a timely help of the modern beauty treatments we can easily alter its effects!

Fibroblast is a new non-invasive beauty treatment designed to reduce excessive skin.

Just take a look at your fibroblast options and see, how easy and fast you can make these crucial adjustments and how affordable it is to stop the ageing process for some time…

To understand your options and timing better, be sure to spot the first signs of ageing. They may serve as a quick alert that you need to undergo the fibroblast treatment right now:

  • “Hanging” eyelids
  • Creases below the eyes, in the corners of the mouth, below the nose
  • Loss of the skin tone
  • Loose skin
  • Forehead wrinkles

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Lasts:  permanent, however doesn’t stop natural ageing
Our method: this is a non-invasive treatment where we use Fibroblast plasma tool to create a special pattern on your skin, that tightens it; brown spots will disappear in several days, and redness will typically come off in several weeks, leaving your skin rejuvenated and tighter, eliminating those wrinkles, creases, etc.; numbing cream is being used to make fibroblast treatment more comfortable
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Hear our happy patients’ testimonials:

For those that want to see the result – here are my eyes, 13 days after Fibroblast, and yes, the original photo was me! Amazing result

Caroline S.

Marina they are amazing no swelling and not sore or hurt at all

Heather H.

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No Surgery Facelift: Fibroblast

As we age, laugh lines and crows’ nests form around our eyes, and skin begins to sag in places giving us more wrinkles than most of us probably would like! If you’d like to tighten and lift your skin without going under the knife for surgery, you’re in luck. Fibroblast is a no-surgery facelift procedure that offers a non-invasive treatment to shrink your skin to help remove wrinkles and bags, tighten eyelids and reduce the appearance of hooded eyelids. It’s the only beauty treatment that can successfully reduce the amount of excess skin you have with lasting results and no surgery required.

How Do Fibroblast Treatments Work?

An experienced beauty technician will use a hand tool to send a tiny, micro-millimetre sized plasma flash onto the surface of the skin. This point will tighten skin by pulling the cells closer together in the immediate area of this “dot”, reducing excess skin and tightening eye lids or under eye area. The technician will place a series of spots strategically along the face to tighten excess skin wherever it is needed to obtain the desired results.

When used on eyelids, you’ll have lighter eyelids, and smoother skin without excess folds which not only gives you a younger appearance but the smoother eyelid makes applying makeup much easier.

Fibroblast treatments take 30 minutes to two hours and is applied using anaesthetic for comfort. Results are almost immediate and the recovery time is fast. You can return to work immediately and most people only experience a couple days of sensitivity on the treated areas. The best part? Fibroblast treatment results are permanent, although it can’t stop natural ageing processes.

What to Expect After a Fibroblast Treatment

You must keep the treatment areas dry, clean, and protected from the sun. Do not use any cleanser that contains alcohol.

Right after you have Fibroblast done you may experience a burning feeling on the treated skin. For most people, the burning sensation goes away within a day of the treatment but if it is causing much discomfort or lasting more than a day, use ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication for relief.

People commonly experience swelling around the eyes that can last for several days after Fibroblast treatment. It is possible, although quite unlikely, that your vision will be impaired as well, due to the swelling. Use cold compresses to relieve swelling and discomfort, along with an anti-histamine or anti-inflammatory.

For a few days after treatment, your face will probably start to develop a “crust” on the surface that is black or brown. It can take as long as one-two weeks to disappear. While you have crusting, do not pick at it or pull pieces off, let them flake off naturally or you risk infection or scarring. If the areas of your face that have been treated become hot and red, or if there is any pus forming on the skin, then you may have an infection and you should seek medical treatment.