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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) treatment designed to create naturally looking eyebrows in “hair stroke” technique, that last for up to 18 months.

Beautiful, naturally looking, yet vivid eyebrows are now available to every lady and man!

At Symphony Beauty Clinic we will re-create your eyebrows, improving your face’s overall appearance, according to your wishes as to how you’d prefer for people to perceive you.

Overall, this treatment can serve as a huge self-confidence booster for any client, providing them with an improved appearance. It also saves time and money compared to various other eyebrow treatments.

If you used tweezers too much in the past and lost some of your eyebrow hair, or on the contrary have too much hair but wrong or uneven shape, microblading will make your eyebrows simply perfect.

All consultations are FREE, so even if you are not considering microblading at the moment – just book a free consultation to learn more about your options.























Book a Microblading appointment with Symphony Beauty Clinic by calling at:
Microblading cost: £300
Time to apply: up to 2.5 hours
Lasts: up to 18 months
Our method: eyebrows are designed according to your requirements and recommendations by our specialists; a hand tool is used to create hair strokes to make your new eyebrows look most natural yet vivid; numbing cream is being used to provide a more comfortable microblading treatment
Microblading in Swindon: 165-166 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BU
Microblading in Reading: 30 Church Street, Reading, RG4 8AU
Contact us: 07501 936380 or email info@symphony-beauty.co.uk


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Hear our happy patients’ testimonials:

What can I say about Marina’s work,
I had my eyebrows microbladed,
My lips semi tattooed,
My top + bottom eyeliner tattooed,
Marina is so professional, very patient & takes huge pride in her work, very professional, loved my full day of treatments, feel so much better in myself, felt totally relaxed, thank you Marina I wouldn’t go anywhere else, looking forwards to my touch ups & Russian lashes & many more treatments in the future. 🙂 xx

Louise M.

I absolutely LOVE my new eyebrows. Marina has the patience of a saint, she is very professional and gives reassurance throughout the whole process. Thank you so much for giving me the eyebrows I never had and for helping my confidence to grow. I will definitely be back for more treatments. Highly recommend!

Rebecca D.

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What is Microblading?

If your mission to turn your thin eyebrows into model-worthy brows keeps falling short despite your use of every gel, powder, eyebrow pencil or stencil available – it may be time to look at microblading. Microblading is a more permanent solution to shaping and thickening thin eyebrows and it involves a form of tattooing on your face. Before you freak out about the idea of a face tattoo, here’s what you need to know about microblading:

Tattooing Eyebrows

When you get a regular tattoo, a machine implants ink under the skin. Microblading is a form of tattooing that skips the machine and uses a handheld tool that the tattoo artist uses to manually implant ink under your skin to look like natural hair for eyebrows.

Unlike drawing in eyebrows and most other forms of thickening thin brows, microblading has long lasting results that can last up to three years with a quick touch-up made every six to eight months.

What to Expect During a Microblading Treatment

Before a microblading appointment, you will need to avoid taking blood thinners, using retinol, taking aspirin, and drinking alcohol for at least a week prior to the treatment. These things make your blood thin and will cause more bleeding during the treatment.

The ink used for creating natural-looking eyebrows isn’t implanted as deep as a traditional tattoo during microblading, so most people say there is only minor discomfort rather than pain, and liken the experience to feeling like they are being scratched. Beauty tattoo artists can numb the area with topical creams to dull any pain or discomfort while people are receiving a microblading treatment.

You should expect the treatment to take a couple hours in most cases. The treatment will be public-ready immediately, meaning you don’t have to try and hide your newly bladed brows under a creative scarf or stay inside – but you might have some redness or swelling for a few days.

How to Care for Newly Bladed Brows

For about a week after a microblading treatment you can expect to experience some mild swelling, slight redness, and itching. You can use Vaseline to relieve the symptoms. Your beauty technician may also send you home with a special ointment to help protect your brows and skin during the healing process. You will want to protect your treatment for about a week, as well, and avoid sweaty workouts or using water to wash your face.

Choose Experienced Technicians

Because microblading is a form of tattooing, it is important that you choose qualified and experienced beauty technicians to perform the procedure for you. You don’t want to let someone without experience apply a semi-permanent tattoo to your face! While the treatments are an investment, they are long lasting and offer improved results over most other methods of thickening and shaping sparse or thin brows.

Is Microblading expensive?

Microblading or Hairstorke eyebrows is a type of semi-permanent makeup that improves the shape and colour of your eyebrows and makes them look very natural at the same time.

Some people may think microblading is expensive. But is it really?

Forget the fact microblading or hairstorke eyebrows can improve the shape of your natural eyebrows. Forget the fact they can create visibly natural eyebrows in cases of alopecia. Let’s just look at shape and colour as such.

Typically a lady may visit a beauty salon every 3 weeks for eyebrow shape and colour treatment. Each treatment is £15 on average (there are salons that do it for £10 and there are some that do it for over £20).

In a year that will be 52 (weeks in 1 year) / 3 (weeks between visits) = 17 visits

Such 17 visits will cost approximately 17 * £15 = £255 just in treatment fees.

But the real price is higher! Throw in the cost of your time: 15-30 minutes per treatment, but you also need to get to the beauty salon and get back to work / home. Throw in the cost of childcare, which is often the case. How about fuel, and parking? And that cheeky skinny Costa cappuccino? 

You will see the actual cost is well more than £300, and that is for 1 year only.

Microblading or hairstroke eyebrows lasts approximately 1.5 years depending on the client’s lifestyle and health. With its price tag around £300, you can see how it is cheaper, and much more efficient and convenient.

Yes, it may start fading in a year – but then you will only need a colour boost, which is twice as cheap. Meaning your eyebrows maintenance will cost you even less with microblading in the 2nd and all consequent years!